what is myhubz

What Is MyHubz?

MyHubz is platform that allows you to share your links to others in a fast, convienent way.

MyHubz is the fastest, most secure way to share your links to others. Maybe you want to provide links to your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Paypal, Amazon, Personal HomePage, Snapchat, Instagram, Apple Pay, Bitcoin Address, BitBucket, Blog, Deezer Playlist, Discord, Reddit, Etsy shop, flikr page, Hubspot, Github, Kickstarter, LinkedIn, Line, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Periscope, Twitch, Spotify, Tumblr and literally hundreds of other types of links.

Your MyHubz page is completely customizable with as many links as you wish using custom background and profile images. We have free and paid MyHubz plans designed to suit everyone.

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